FAQ - Paid Parking Model

As we receive questions about the new paid parking model, we will continually post frequently asked questions (FAQ) to the site. If your question is not addressed in the FAQ, please feel free to submit a question via our site or by emailing parking@rit.edu. We will respond to your question as quickly as possible and will continue to add FAQ to this list as more details are confirmed.

Why did RIT choose to implement a paid model for parking?

On January 29th, 2013 President Destler announced that RIT will be adopting a new paid parking model beginning with the Fall 2013 semester as part of the university’s larger cost containment strategy. Several reasons factored into the decision, including the following:

  • The costs of providing parking are real. Maintaining roads, plowing snow, and monitoring parking all require significant financial and resource investments.
  • Previously, most of the costs of our parking operations were borne solely by student tuition dollars.
  • Our previous system provided no incentive for carpooling or for those who do not park on campus at all. Registration fees and reduced rates for carpoolers will encourage roommates, family members, and friends to commute to RIT together. Decreasing the number of cars driving to RIT every day will help reduce the institute’s carbon footprint.
  • Students without cars are subsidizing the parking of students with cars.

Do I need to purchase a motorcycle permit if I already have a car permit?

No. You must register the motorcycle, but you will not be charged for a separate motorcycle permit if you have a car permit. The $25 fee is only if a parker wants a motorcycle-only permit.

Do employees and commuting students have to pay a fee for each car that they register?

No. Employees and commuting students can register multiple vehicles under one permit, however only one vehicle can be parked at RIT at a time. You will receive a hangtag that is transferrable from one vehicle to another.

Can resident students register more than one vehicle?

No. Resident students can register only one vehicle.

Will parkers with low emissions, fuel-efficient vehicles receive a discount?

No. Parkers with low emissions, fuel-efficient vehicles will not receive a discounted registration fee. However, there are a number of designated parking spaces for properly registered low emissions, fuel-efficient vehicles.

If I purchase a reserved permit, will I also be charged the annual fee, or is it included in the permit?

Annual fees are included in the purchase of a reserved permit.

Will adjuncts and temporary employees be charged for general parking?

Adjuncts and temporary employees will be subject to parking permit fees based on the annual salary level of the individual as of July 1st.

Does the parking office have access to my salary information?

No. The parking office does not know the wage/salary levels of employees, only the payroll office knows the salary information of employees.

Will people be charged for special events?

When applicable, event parking will be built into the cost of events. There will be exceptions for events such as Admissions open houses, Convocation, Commencement, etc.

How can I pay for my student parking permit?

Students have the option of paying fees in-person at the parking office, online by credit card, or by having the fees billed directly to their student account. Paying online is the fastest way to process your request. Once the permit has been purchased it will be mailed to your local address.

How can I pay for my employee parking permit?

Employees are strongly encouraged to pay for general or reserved parking permits via a payroll deduction, because this will be treated as a pre-tax deduction. Equal deductions will be made each pay period throughout the year. Employees may also pay for general parking permits in-person at the Payroll office, but payments made via this option cannot be treated as a pre-tax deduction.

What if I am an employee hired mid-way through the year? Do I still have to pay the full annual fee?

No. Permits will be pro-rated from your hire date through the end of the academic year.

What happens if I lose my parking hangtag?

Contact the parking office and request a replacement hangtag. You will be charged a $25 replacement fee.

Can resident or designated resident students sign up for a carpool?

Resident and designated resident students may not register as carpoolers.

What is the cutoff date for determining my salary level?

Your salary level is based on your salary as of July 1st.

If I’m an employee taking a class, will I be charged as a student or an employee?

Employee rates will apply.

If I’m a student working on campus, will I be charged as a student or an employee?

Student rates will apply.

If I am away for a semester on co-op, will I still be charged the full annual fee?

No. You would only be charged half the annual fee. The fee is applicable for the semesters when you are parking on campus.

If I graduate after the Fall semester, am I still charged the full annual fee?

No. You would only be charged half the annual fee. You are only charged for the semesters when you are attending classes at RIT.

What if I’m a commuting student who only parks on campus at night?

You may register for an After Hours pass that allows you to park in general parking lots Monday - Friday from 5pm-8am at a reduced rate fee of $50 annually. Keep in mind that reserved parking is enforced from 5am-5pm Monday - Friday.