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Fall 2020 Move-in Information
Lots D, G, H and part of C will be closed to all traffic and parking from August 6, 2020 – August 18, 2020 due to move-in
I have a U-lock – is it defeatable as shown on the news?

Media organizations have recently publicized a way to defeat tubular-cylinder bicycle and other locks. Many popular U-locks, cable locks, and other forms of bicycle locks are susceptible to this new failure.

While U-locks continue to be the top choice for securing your bicycle on campus, there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure maximum security. Check with lock manufacturers to see if their model has been adapted or is exempt of this deficiency. Kryptonite and Master Lock both have improved models.

Kryptonite, our recommended lock manufacturer, has more information at http://www.kryptonite.com.
More information on the tubular-cylinder lock settlement can be found at http://www.kryptonitesettlement.com.

What do I need to know about riding on campus?
  • Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  • Institute Policy states that riding a bike on the Quarter Mile is not permissible. Walk your bike in this area or look for alternative routes to your destination.
  • Bicycles must enter crosswalks at walking speed or slower.
  • Always use a U-lock to attach the frame of your bicycle to the bike rack. Cables, no matter how thick, are too easy to cut.
  • Wear a helmet!
I have a flat tire, rusty chain, and/ or loose bolt. Where can I get it fixed?

Part of the overall program will eventually include an on-campus maintenance station. PATS in conjunction with the RIT Cycling Club will be evaluating the feasibility of such a station this year. In the meantime, an extensive list of local bike shops listed on the Links & Resources page.

Where are some good bike trails near RIT?

There are several trails that you can ride to/from RIT:

  • The Lehigh Valley trail to the east along John Street.
  • The Erie Canalway Trail just north of this area that stretches throughout the greater Monroe County area linking all the canal communities along the way.
  • There is the Genesee River Trails just north of the area.

Check out the Greater Rochester Bicycling & Trails Information for information on trails, conditions, projects, and more.