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Contact the RIT Service Center at 585-475-5000 or with all questions related to Parking and Transportation as of October 14, 2020.

Bicycles are a popular transportation mode in college communities throughout the country, especially for students. They are a cheap and easy way to get to and around campus, avoiding traffic congestion and the hunt for parking. But like operators of other modes, bicyclists do not ride in isolation. They often share the same streets with cars and buses, sometimes share space with pedestrians and rollerbladers, and other times have their own dedicated facilities. Regardless of where they operate, bicycles are a key component of RIT’s transportation system. RIT will continue to develop new facilities and options for bicycling on campus; which could include:

  • Bicycle Facilities
    On- and off-street bike facilities that will enhance the bicycling environment on campus and improve safety and circulation for bicycles and pedestrians. This system will have three main components: off-street paths, on-street bike routes, and east/west bike corridors.
  • Bicycle Parking
    There are a lot of options for parking and securing your bike around campus. If you are in the residence halls, you will find bike racks in the A levels and outside by the main entrances to the buildings. If you are around campus academic buildings, there are various bike racks throughout exterior quads that you can secure a bike to. On campus apartments have bike racks which are located in shelters by the building, others inside the building. 

    Please make sure you only secure your bike to a proper bike rack or fixed object that is out of the way. Any bike that is unsecured, not secured to a proper bike rack or fixed object, or is blocking a entrance way, will be confiscated by Public Safety. If a lock needs to be cut off a bike to open an entrance way, the owner will not be reimbursed for the lock. The owner of the bike waives the right to damages to their property if the bike needs to be removed and stored elsewhere. 

    Bike owners who block exits, both normal foot traffic and fire exits, are subject to a fine and may be referred to RIT’s Student Conduct or Human Resources. 
  • Wayfinding and Signage
    A comprehensive and unified wayfinding and signage program to direct bicyclists to and around campus and to promote bicycle safety through reducing conflicts with pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Education and Promotion
    Promotional campaign to inform the campus community and general public about bicyclists’ rights, rules of the road, and general safety.

This program is only in its inception stage and significant effort will be undertaken within the next year in cooperation with the RIT Cycling Club. Please see below for more information.

Bicyclist's Rights and Rules of the Road

Bicycle Safety and Theft Prevention

Frequently Asked Questions – Bikes

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Recommended Bicycling Routes on Campus

Bike Racks on Campus


Bicycle Parking Questions?

Request a rack today! Tell us where you'd like to see more bike parking, so that we can plan for it in the future construction.