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Chargeback Policy

Public Safety

  1. Effective FY09, all departments and facilities defined as support or auxiliary services of the University, auxiliary to its academic function, are charged for security services on a square footage basis. Some of these areas include the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Residence Halls, Food Service, Ice Rink, etc. The percentage of square footage of each auxiliary or NTID area (area gross square footage divided by the total gross square footage of the campus) is multiplied by the Public Safety Department’s operating budget. Square footage figures are provided by Facilities Management.
  2. Safety or parking coverage for special events, regardless of the initiating department, is available by contacting Adam Petzold of the Parking and Transportation Department. Information regarding rates for full-time and contract officers is available through his office (ext. 5-5593 or Safety and security staffing needs for special events other than parking lots can be referred to Public Safety at