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Bike Thefts Reported

Monday, October 2, 2017

CRIME ALERT – Bicycle Thefts Reported

Monday 10-02-17

RIT Department of Public Safety has investigated several bicycle thefts campus-wide since the beginning of fall semester. (Local universities are also experiencing the same trend). Many of the locked bikes were stolen overnight with quality bike locks indicating large tools are being used. Listed below are bike theft prevention tips that may assist you from becoming the victim of a theft.

  • Immediately report suspicious behavior to Public Safety.
  • Avoid using lightweight cables or chains, or low-quality U-locks, as these can be cut with relative ease. Kryptonite bike locks are recommended.
  • The lock should always go through the frame. If possible, attach bicycles to bike racks through the frame and both wheels. If both wheels cannot be attached, be sure to attach the frame and one wheel.
  • Do not attach the lock to parts of the bicycle that may be easily removed, such as the seat post or wheel.
  • Check the lock before departing to ensure it is secured.
  • If you have a quick release for the seat or front wheel, take these items with you.
  • Do not leave any free or easily detachable parts, such as headlights or bags, on the bike.


Please contact the Department of Public Safety if you observe any suspicious people or activity.

RIT Public Safety Department

Emergency: 585-475-3333 (V/TTY)

Text: 585-205-8333

Non-emergency: 585-475-2853 (V/TTY)