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Emergency Preparedness

RIT is taking many proactive measures to upgrade the level of security on campus, especially with the nation's heightened awareness to the threat of terrorist attacks. Please know that our emergency response is based on a national model that is very flexible and can be applied to any and multiple scenarios.

Our response integrates fully with local, state, and federal emergency service professionals. RIT regularly communicates, prepares, and practices emergency management with area service providers through Monroe County's Office of Emergency Preparedness. In an emergency situation, we are prepared to work together to stabilize an incident, maintain the safety of all, take action to alleviate the challenge, and prepare for the transition to business as usual.

If necessary, we will provide updated information through broadcast e-mail, voicemail and postings on the university's website. In the event of an emergency in the Greater Rochester Metropolitan area, you are advised to stay tuned to local radio and television broadcasts for additional information.

Public Safety Department and key university personnel practice managing emergencies and continually update and evaluate our decision making model. We are committed to a calm and rational approach to securing the safety of our community. Please support these efforts by staying alert to any suspicious behavior and securing your property, vehicle and residences. Suspicious acts or concerns should be reported immediately to Public Safety at (585) 475-3333 (V/TTY).

More information on emergency and safety procedures for:

Active Shooter on Campus

Avian Flu

Bomb Threat

Civil Disturbance




Hazardous Materials


Power Outages

Severe Heat

Severe Storms


Winter/Ice Storms


Faculty & Staff



Other Essential Services

Our Parking and Transportation Office works to ensure the timely and safe operation of transportations services in our community. The public buses, operating to, from and around our campus, are clean and ADA compliant. In addition, RIT maintains a mobility-impaired vehicle to assist students requiring this service.

Other essential services are provided through our Student Affairs Division. For example, we are sensitive to the unique needs of our international students and we are a resource to the professional staff who regularly support the transition and education of our international students. Together, we can effectively respond to the special needs that might arise due to unforeseen situations occurring in the United States or abroad.

RIT enjoys its own ambulance corps staffed largely by student volunteers with support from employees and alumni. Each member is tutored by a trained professional until receiving state certification attesting to his or her professional skills. We also enjoy emergency medical support from our surrounding community. This function is managed by our professional staff at the Student Health Center. Further support is available through the Division's Office for Religious Life and Counseling Center.

Numerous related support services, such as interpreting services, exist to serve the needs of RIT's deaf and hard of hearing population.