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Campus Emergency Communications

In case of an emergency, information will be communicated to the campus community using a variety of methods.


RIT Emergency Updates Web Page
Emergency messages will be posted on RIT's homepage. For detailed information, emergency messages will be posted on the University News Emergency Updates page.

University News
Emergency messages will be posted on RIT's University News page.

Emergency messages will be available on RIT's phone hotline. The number is: (585) 475-7075. TTY: (585) 475-7076.

Fire Alarm Systems
Fire alarms may be activated to alert occupants of a building that evacuation is necessary.

Emergency E-Mail Notification System
An e-mail listserv has been set up to send emergency notifications to RIT students, faculty, and staff members.

Voice Mail Messages
RIT's internal telecommunications system has the ability to broadcast alert messages throughout the voice message system.

External Media
There are several external media sources that will broadcast emergency information. They can be found on the RIT & Local Resources page.