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ATM Personal Safety Tips

  • If you drive to the ATM, lock your vehicle when exiting your vehicle.
  • Keep your keys handy so you can enter your car quickly after completing your transaction.
  • Be alert for anything suspicious, such as people in a nearby vehicle, or someone who just appears to be "hanging" around the area.
  • Trust your instincts. If you sense something is wrong, leave the area immediately and call the police, if appropriate.
  • When waiting in line, wait far behind the person using the ATM to avoid being trapped.
  • When you are using the ATM, if someone is closer than you would like ask them to step back a few steps. If they do not step back it may be best to cancel your transaction and wait in your locked vehicle until that person leaves.
  • Have everything ready before you approach the ATM. Have your card ready, know your code, and fill out your deposit envelope before approaching the ATM.
  • Do NOT write your code on your ATM card. Keep your code secret. If needed, check the code before approaching the ATM.
  • Stand directly in front of the ATM, blocking the view of others. You don't want others to see your code, what type of transaction you make, or how much money you withdraw.
  • Plan ahead to avoid using an ATM at night.
  • As you drive up to the ATM keep all windows closed except the one you are using, and all doors locked. Keep the car running and keep your eyes moving, watching the front, sides, and rear area. If someone approaches your vehicle cancel the transaction and leave.
  • When your transaction is complete immediately take your property (card, receipt, money, etc.), put them in your pocket/purse and leave. Count your money later.
  • When you leave the ATM if you feel someone is following you, go to the closest open business, fire department, or police department to seek assistance.
  • Report all ATM crimes to Public Safety at 475-3333 v/tty