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Bomb Threat/Explosion

In the event that a bomb threat is received by telephone, it is important for the person receiving the call to keep the caller on the telephone as long as possible to obtain further information. It is also important to listen carefully to all information provided by the caller and to make a note of any voice characteristics, accents, or background noises, as these may also be important clues.

A list of questions to ask is provided in this Appendix. They are intended to obtain important information relative to the severity of the threat as well as identifying the person responsible for making the threatening call. When the incident is reported to Public Safety, they will take appropriate measures and employ appropriate resources to thoroughly investigate the threat including notification to law enforcement; conducting facility searches; notifying the RIT community; and bolstering security on campus .

Remember, report all suspicious or dangerous behavior (including bomb threats) to Public Safety at 475-3333.

Telephone Bomb Threat Report Form