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Parents Emergency & Safety Procedures

The best time to prepare for disasters is before they occur. Emergencies can arise at any time and from various natural or manmade causes. RIT attempts to minimize potential loss and speed up the process of recovery from any emergency by planning ahead. You can learn more about RIT's approach by reading Safety & Security at RIT.

Frequently Asked Questions


General Information

  • This page is intended to supplement other information found on RIT's Emergency Preparedness website. The Frequently Asked Questions page will be continually updated as we learn the need to address more issues of relevance to our parents, students and faculty/staff.
  • It is our top priority to establish communications between you and your child. We encourage students and parents to utilize cell phones and email messages to contact each other immediately in the event of an emergency.
  • We encourage parents to utilize the Emergency Updates section of this website to learn up-to-date information about an emergency affecting campus. You may also tune to other media sources for local and regional information.

In case of an emergency

  • Monitor the "Emergency Updates" section of this website for the most current emergency information and listen to radio/TV stations for emergency notifications.
  • Remain as calm as you can when your child contacts you. They are looking to you for reassurance.
  • Know that RIT has a Critical Incident Response action plan underway.
  • If you live in the area, please cooperate with requests from RIT and emergency responders before arriving on campus. It may be in the best interest of your child to remain where you are until further direction.