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Armed Intruder (on campus or in a building)

What you should do


  • As a general rule, DO NOT approach the person with the weapon
  • Move immediately out of the area to a safe location if you can. Notify others of the danger as you leave an area
  • Move toward any police or Public Safety unit (keep hands on head and do what police/safety officials tell you)
  • If you are in a classroom, room or office, TAKE COVER:
    • Secure the door. If the door has no lock and the door opens in, a good heavy door wedge can be used if available. Use heavy furniture or equipment to barricade the door
    • If the door has a window, cover it if you can
    • Lock windows
    • Turn off lights
    • Silence cell phones
    • Get out of sight and stay low and quiet
  • If you are outdoors, look for appropriate cover locations (trees, walls, boulders, parked vehicles)
  • If you can, call 9-1-1 or Public Satety at 585-475-3333 (v/tty) and inform them of the situation. Provide them with:
    • Your name
    • Location of the incident (be as specific as possible)
    • Number of shooters (if known)
    • Identification or description of shooter(s)
    • Number of persons who may be involved
    • Your exact location
    • Injuries to anyone, if known
  • Do not reenter the area, and take steps to prevent others from doing so until authorities arrive
  • Once you are in a safe area, do not leave unless a police officer escorts you out
  • Remain as calm and as quiet as you can
  • Do not attempt to rescue others unless you have been trained, or can reach them in a safe manner
  • Above all, do not endanger yourself

When trapped with a gunman:

  • Do not provoke the gunman
  • If no shooting is occurring, do what the gunman says and do not move suddenly
  • If shooting starts, you must decide:
    • Stay still
    • Run for an exit while zigzagging
    • Attack the gunman

What you should know

  • Once notified of an active shooter, Public Safety or local police will likely be the first responders on the scene
  • Police are trained to respond to an active shooting incident by proceeding to the origin of audible gunfire. This may be in an open area such as a Parking Lot or inside a building
  • The police will move quickly into the affected area until the shooter is located and stopped or is no longer a threat to life or safety
  • If you are wounded or with someone who may be wounded, expect the officers to bypass you in their search as they must find the shooter and eliminate the threat
  • To assist police, please remain calm and patient during this time, to prevent any interference with police operations
  • If you know where the suspect is, have his description, tell the police
  • Rescue teams will follow shortly to aid you and others
  • RIT will provide regular updates to the community using many modes of internal and external channels when confirmed information is available