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Emergency Response Plan

In terms of emergency response, RIT's national model fully integrates with local, state and national emergency service providers. Our plan fits very well with emergency responders who might be called to our community. We have similar goals and employ the same terminology in managing our events. Our model is very flexible and can adapt to varying situations and allows for management of multiple situations. We practice and prepare in concert with Monroe County's Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Please know that as a result of the resources at RIT, we are a potential resource to Monroe County.

Using our model, RIT's decision makers and critical incident management core team members can be quickly assembled to respond to, and manage, emergencies that might occur on campus. Our plans allow for both internal and external resources critical to success in emergency management. In addition, there is a companion focus on ensuring the business continuation of education services at RIT.

Our security procedures are situational dependent. For instance, based on analysis there was a need to inspect all packages carried to a recent convocation and commencement ceremony. At another time, there was a need to inspect some packages being brought to sporting events. We make these decisions based on daily information from worldwide intelligence services and membership in meetings with our counterparts in the local, state, and federal law enforcement and emergency services communities.

In addition, our Public Safety website maintains a direct link with the United States Department of State's travel advisory information website. This link provides a current assessment of events occurring throughout the world.

RIT enjoys a team of professionals participating in emergency preparedness and management. However, as committed as these people are, you too have a critical role in ensuring our success. We invite you to view the FAQ available and begin partnering with all of us to ensure our safety.