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Student Safety

Individual responsibility is an important component of personal safety. Students must assume responsibility for their own safety and the security of their belongings by taking simple, common sense precautions.

Although the RIT campus is well lighted, everyone is encouraged to use the Escort Service, especially at night. Use the blue light courtesy call boxes or dial 475-2853 (V/TTY). Residence hall rooms and apartment doors and windows should be locked at all times. Even the best locks won't work if they aren't used.

Students should not carry large amounts of money or valuable property and should not leave their belongings unattended, even for a few seconds. Valuables such as stereos, camera equipment, computers, VCRs and televisions, should be marked with engravers. Engravers are available at the Public Safety Office in Grace Watson Hall or at any of the residence hall area offices at no charge.

Students should park in designated areas and keep their vehicles locked at all times. Valuables should be locked out of sight or in the student's residence.

When going to your vehicle have your keys ready and always check your back seat area before getting in. While driving always keep your doors locked and avoid traveling alone in areas of the community you are not familiar with.

Students should consider personal property insurance coverage. Walking or jogging routes should be planned in advance. Stay away from dark areas, avoid shortcuts and go with a friend. Students should memorize the Public Safety emergency phone number (475-3333) and immediately report any suspicious individuals, activity, or incidents.

The Transportation Division provides campus-wide shuttle service to approximately 12,000 students weekly and accessible van service for students with medical and disability needs. Vans are also available for RIT groups, clubs, and organizations for charter trips.

Student Safety and Security Video