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Information for Faculty and Staff

eServices can be utilized for the following:

  • View and pay tuition and fees (if enrolled)


Common Questions:

How do I access eServices?
Log into eServices using your RIT computer account and password.
Why do I have a student account?  I am not enrolled in classes.
Everyone with an RIT account is automatically given a student account.  If you are not enrolled and do not owe a balance to the Student Financial Services Office, you will see the Account Balance is $0.00.
Why do I have a tuition bill?  I should have a tuition waiver.
Make sure you have submitted all the required documentation to the Human Resources Office.  If your waiver is still not reflected after 1-2 business days, please contact the Student Financial Services Office.
My child is attending RIT, how do I view their eServices account?
Your student will need to add you (either your RIT email or your personal email address) as an authorized user on his/her account. Your student can click here for step by step instructions on how to grant access.
Using a personal email address: Please note this cannot be connected to any RIT account (even for recovery). You will receive an additional RIT username and password that is for eServices only.
Using an RIT email address: After verifying your student's information, you will login to eServices with your faculty/staff username and password. You will then see a drop down menu to switch between your account and your student's account.