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Stacking Up Vignelli

April 21, 2017


In 1964, the Vignellis won a Compasso D’oro Award for Good Design for their stacking dish set manufactured in Italy by Arpe. In 1970, Heller brought the design to the US with their Max1 stacking set and a couple years later with the infamous rainbow stacking sets. Did you know they also made a stacking set for Casigliani in 1979?

When Massimo and Lella Vignelli donated their life’s work to the archives at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies, they also donated some new vintage stock for their Casigliani Kyoto dinner ware. Now you can be the proud owner of this rare set. Rochester Institute of Technology’s own Shop One has a limited quantity of sets available for purchase in three colors:

You probably recognize the name Casigliani from the other numerous furniture and products designed by the Vignellis! Vignelli Center for Design Studies posts about other Casigliani artifacts from the archives.

If you’re in Rochester, come and visit the Vignelli Center for Design Studies and Shop One! The Casiglinani Kyoto set is always on view in the the Vignelli Center for Design Studies (along with the Heller Max1 set and Heller stacking rainbow mugs). And if you want to study these dishes or anything else from the archives, just contact us for an appointment! The limited sets of Kyoto Dinner Ware Sets are on display and available for sale in Shop One.

Shop One also offers publications and DVDs associated with Massimo and Lella Vignelli.

What a Find! - 1956 Craft Horizons - Shop One

December 11, 2016


Browsing the internet one evening, this beauty popped up on the screen. A 1956 Craft Horizon issue with a classic 'mid-century modern' cover design. Digging deeper, it reveals the article that introduces Shop One to the art and craft world. 

"Probably every craftsman at some time or other considers opening his own shop to sell things he makes. This story of four who did so, combining their talents and resources to set up a crafts store, unusual in its close contact between customer and craftsman. Located in Rochester, New York, it is called Shop One."

Read the article and discover the wealth of notable names of craftsmen - the founders Jack Prip, Tage Frid, Frans Wildenhain and Ron Pearson. Karl Laurel, Hans Christensen, Lawrence Copeland, Max Nixon, Robert Donovan, Richard Wakamoto, and Hobart Cowles all displayed and sold their work.

Barbara Newton (Cowles) is acknowledged - "Not the least of this craft store's assets is its lovely manager whose basic aim is the presentation of crafts in as home-like setting as possible". Barbara became a managing partner at Shop One. 

This is a beautiful record of Shop One's role in the roots of the Craft Movement. 





The One and Only

May 2, 2016


For those who were fortunate to see the Shop One: Then and Now show in the Bevier Gallery at RIT during October and November 2014 viewed amazing works of art and craft. Many pieces came from private collections and have not been seen by the public since being displayed on the shelves and walls of Shop One between the years of 1953 and 1976. The show was a treasure trove of craft and an engaging walk down memory lane for those who shopped at Shop One. It was an exciting and educational experience for those unaware of the ‘One and Only’ Shop One.

Many people remember and are inspired to share their personal connection to Shop One on Troup Street and later on Alexander Street in Rochester. They relished the experience, attended the openings, met the artists, and ate the brownies. Yes, brownies! It was a heady time with a can-do attitude. All the cool people were there. There was a sense of discovery. One never knew what they would find at Shop One. It was the Craft Movement in full swing and the public was introduced to an array of crafts not seen in any retail venue. There were no craft galleries until ‘The One and Only’.

A plethora of first-time visitors have sought out Shop One² after seeing the show in the Bevier Gallery. ‘Wow! We didn’t know about this!” They are curious about the similarities to Shop One and are thrilled to re-experience that same sense of discovery.

Indeed, Shop One² has work by some of ‘the original’ artists who showed in Shop One; William Keyser, Nancy Jurs, Albert Paley, Tarrant Clements, Alec Hazlett and Kurt Feuerherm. Shop One² also showcases work by RIT alumni who live and work across the country. RIT faculty, students and regional artists show their work as well. The pool of artistic and design talent is rich and diverse.

If you want a different experience, come by to discover what Shop One² is all about….’The One and Only’, too!