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Who are our artists?

October 27, 2015


We love our Shop One² artists, craftsmen, writers, and designers! Many are graduates from RIT’s College of Imaging Arts and Science; The School for American Crafts, School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, and the School of Design. Several of our artists were educated in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering and spent decades working in that field. Later, they turned away from the corporate world and pursued the arts. We have many creative published authors and poets who hail from The College of Liberal Arts. Some of our artists attended RIT at the downtown campus and are maintaining active studios today. Some of our artists are new graduates and have just started their own business.

We also have artists from the Greater Rochester area and Western, NY. All proud, hard-working folks who make a living by selling their work.

It may sound corny, but we truly are a family, a family of creative and energetic people ready to share ideas and creations. Shop One² is the family room that brings us all together to make that happen. 

Discover RIT Galleries

August 27, 2015


Hot off the press! Announcing the newly published RIT Gallery Passport. The Passport is a beautifully designed booklet that features an image, location, website, contact information and a description for each of the eleven exhibition spaces on the RIT campus. The diverse exhibition spaces showcase everything from contemporary art and design, photography, craft, new media to historical archives. The passport includes a map to help you easily navigate the campus to discover and learn about our unique exhibits and collections. 

The RIT Gallery Passport is available at Shop One² and at each of the other galleries. A fun feature is that each location has a stamp available for you to adhere to the gallery page. Make it an adventure, seek and discover each gallery and Bon Voyage!

• Shop One²

• Vignelli Center for Design Studies

• University Gallery

• Bevier Gallery

• William Harris Gallery

• Gallery for RIT History and Art, RIT Archive Collection, RIT Museum

• Melbert B. Cary, Jr. Graphic Arts Collection

• RIT Press

• Sunken Gallery

• Dyer Arts Center

• Gallery r

I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

May 31, 2015


One recent sunny afternoon, a woman burst through the doors of Shop One² with a perplexed expression on her face and exclaimed, “Are we still on the RIT campus?” Her husband and son came through the doors soon after, equally puzzled. Clearly, they did not think they were still on a college campus and somehow had strayed. Why the disorientation?

Shop One² is located in Global Village on the RIT campus and the environment resembles an urban European plaza or the pleasure deck of an ocean liner, not a typical college campus. A landscaped plaza with tables and chairs with upholstered cushions, large canvas umbrellas, a water wall, fountains, and a fire pit for when the temperatures cool and people still want to gather. It’s spectacular. Often students bring musical instruments for an impromptu jam session. There are many amenities including food venues. What do you prefer? Mexican fare, a fresh ingredient stir-fry, or sushi?

To many visitors from the greater Rochester area, Shop One² is a challenge to locate, but once done, always makes a memorable experience. Make an afternoon of it and take the Global Village plunge. You won’t be disappointed.