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Collective Journey - Opening Reception + Plaza Party

Jul 11, 2019


We welcome you to Collective Journey - the inaugural Shop One group exhibition. It’s a simple concept - to gather a group of artists and friends, to curate, and present their works cohesively on the main walls of the shop. The result is striking and exciting. We hope you agree. Join us!

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“We are a community of artists who have worked, influenced and exhibited together for many years. Mutual support and sharing ideas have kept our work flowing in studios, at galleries, workshops and Arena Art Group functions. Our passion for our art work comes from experimentation, valuing process and collaboration. The use of paint, mixed media, collage, encaustic, sculpture and ceramics can be found in our works, as well as a common love for the abstract."

Zanne Brunner

Judith Gohringer

Peter Gohringer

Richard Harvey

Nancy Valle


Shop One - RIT Global Village