2nd Gen. Key Lanyard


The 2nd generation key lanyard has a sturdy clip and split key ring. The military grade hardware is tough and is pretty handsome, too. The metal features a matte black anodized coating, which is resistant to wear and tear. Each lanyard is handmade in the USA from a single piece of reclaimed bike inner tube.

Product Details

Up-cycled bicycle inner tubes - each piece is unique!


About the Artist

EvenOdd makes one of a kind bags and unique fashion accessories from upcycled materials. If you want a boring, cookie-cutter bag off an assembly line in China, get off this site and go to the mall, because you won’t get one from us.

Our handcrafted accessories are gritty pieces of art, made at our studio in Rochester, New York. Each piece is unique, so you can rest assured that you won’t run into someone on the street who has jacked your style. Since our bags are made from upcycled material, they may have distressed spots and color variations. Don’t worry, that makes them awesome. People pay exorbitant prices for so-called “trendy” bags that have been systematically distressed by a machine. EvenOdd bags don’t need to try, they are born that way. They are tear and water resistant and they’d pretty much kick Steven Seagal’s ass in a fight to the death.