The Bee Book

The Bee Book has a hexagonal structure inspired by the shape of honey-combs, and its pieces flip out and unfold into different layers of hexagons and diamonds. The layers, acting as pages, contain colorful, realistic illustrations of the six families of bees found in North America and the flowers they are attracted to. Included along with the illustrations are fun facts which describe how these bees go about pollinating flowers, why they are drawn to specific flowers in particular, and how different flavors of honey occur naturally based on the kinds of flowers involved in the process. The Bee Book is the first published book in The Foliage Library series.

Given the recent severe decline of the bee population in the United States, it is important for everyone, especially the younger generation, to learn about bees and why they are so important to our ecosystem – bees are responsible for pollinating the plants that provide the majority of the world's fruits and vegetables. The Bee Book will rest in a honey-comb shaped box (for easy transport, storage, and protection) and information about our current bee crisis will be located on the inside cover of the box lid.

Product Details

About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Illustration, BFA 2014

Matthew Holbein and Emily Brooks founded The Foliage Library in 2014. Their goal is to promote environmental and botanical education through illustrated geometric folding books with forms that relate conceptually to their content. In addition to this, the very structures of their books present a learning opportunity as they incorporate a great deal of geometry and mathematical thought. The books incorporate elements of art, geometry, engineering, and environmentalism and can help awaken interests in these topics in both children and adults.