Blessing - Dedication

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Art Glass Blessings are inspired by a Chinese tradition of hanging hollow brass calligraphy in one's home or business. It is a way of sharing a wish or "blessing" with occupants or visitors. Blessings are inspired by Nancy's Chinese heritage and her love for delicate silk embroideries.

Hand-cast glass with the symbolic design of 'Dedication'. This blessing creates a sense of timelessness. The design is hand-cut and dimensionally sandcarved.

Product Details
  • Hand cast glass

  • 4" Diameter


About the Artist

Nancy Gong has gained a reputation as one of the foremost glass artists in the country. By combining the traditional techniques of stained glass craftsmen and stone carvers with her own style of creating texture and painting, her architectural and small works depict various levels of transition and contrast, with striking color, motion and spontaneity.

Gong’s installation, ‘In Art, Science and Life, What is the Question?’ located in RIT’s Innovation Center was heavily inspired by science, technology and the arts. The etched images relate to RIT's nine colleges and refer to everything from the binary system to the black hole.