Branches Lantern


When illuminated by the light within, this porcelain lantern is reminscant of shadows cast on newly fallen snow by a full moon shing through huge maple tree branches. 

Product Details
  • Hand cast + carved porcelain

  • 10" tall

  • Candelabra socket + 7 watt bulb included


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
School for American Crafts, Ceramics, MFA 2010

Tabbatha’s love of clay began when she was a young girl. She eventually studied at The School for American Crafts to earn an MFA.

Her studio in rural Vermont surrounds Tabbatha with natural beauty. The winter landscape with the ever-changing subtlety of light and shadow infuse her designs. Nature and her appreciation for the simple clean lines of Scandinavian design inspire her to express the simple beauty of the natural world and to make beautiful objects that even the most discerning animal would have in its den.