Carbon Drawing 'Portrait of Hammurabi'


Hammurabi (c. 1810 – c. 1750 BC) was the sixth king of the First Babylonian dynasty of the Amorite tribe, reigning from c. 1792 BC to c. 1750 BC. Hammurabi is best known for having issued the Code of Hammurabi, which he claimed to have received from Shamash, the Babylonian god of justice. 

Product Details
  • Carbon drawing on paper

  • 22" x 28"

  • Signed by artist

  • Date of creation - c. 1980


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Professor 1964 - 68

Bob Conge lives in his head, where darkness and light exist together – both in content and spirit. His drawing, design, and painting skills are highly developed and near perfection. At times they are unbridled, fully expressive and driven by dreams and delirium. Conge's career spans being a professor at RIT College of Art and Design, to a gallery director, to launching his own design studio with clients that included American Express, Citibank, Volkwagen and the New York Times. Today, he answers only to himself and pursues his own work.