Ceramic Textured Bowl 'Frog'

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This stoneware bowl is thrown on the wheel and the surface is altered with clay slip to give a textured effect. A sculpted frog is on the rim. The glaze is a glossy and a pale green celadon hue. The footed-base is an elegant detail.



Product Details
  • Hand thrown and sculpted ceramic

  • 3.75" dia x 2.25" h

  • Artist information card


About the Artist
Rochester, NY

Carolyn Dilcher-Stutz has loved and cared for animals her entire life. She was greatly influenced by her father, a professor of Ecology, and learned the importance of stewardship of the environment, and the protection of the flora and fauna inhabiting it. People in town frequently brought young or injured wildlife to him, which he delivered home to be raised or rehabilitated.

She sculpts animal forms that adorn vessels called ‘Wish Pots’. Her larger works are in collaboration with ceramic artist Richard Aerni. Each of her works reflect respect and love for animals.

Carolyn maintains a studio in Rochester, NY.