Chains of Luv


This is a phenakistoscope, an early animation device that creates the illusion of a moving picture when a flicker blurs its rotation. When seen in the right conditions, the spiral appears to break apart & join back together.

To view the illusion through a camera phone, place the disc on the turntable at 33RPM under bright light. The shutter will blend the frames together. The brighter the light, the clearer the image will appear, so try to use as many light sources as possible for the best results! You can also view the effect with the naked eye through the use of a strobe light at 30Hz. VinylStrobe is a phone app which automatically flashes at this frequency; just point the flash at your turntable in a dark room to see the moving picture.


Product Details
  • 11" diameter slip matt with chain design

  • 3 Spiral design postcards, 5" x 7"

  • Instructions included

  • Artist information included


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Real Time Captionist

Drew is a graphic designer & yo-yo champion from Maryland. He has created animated records for artists such as Midland, Daedelus, & L’Orange, with work being featured in Make: Magazine, Rolling Stone, & the VICE Creators Project.

These “animated record” postcards are phenakistoscopes, pre-cinema animation toys that appear as a moving image - point your camera-phone at the spinning card under a bright light to watch the shutter blur the frames into a cohesive dancing picture!

See more work by Drew on his Instagram account: @drewtetz