Charcuterie Board 'Bricks'


Anyone who knows RIT will reconize this iconic brick pattern. The artist, inspired by the environment, designed this charcuterie board using end grain wood to provide for a both a solid culinary cutting surface and a beautiful presentation for charcuterie. Each board is a bit different - with color blocks in a unique pattern.

Here's a lovely article on how to care for your cutting board.


Product Details
  • Walnut, cherry, ash

  • End grain hardwood

  • 12.25" x 7.5" x 1"

  • Finished with mineral oil

  • Wood care card

  • Artist information card


About the Artist
Lincoln, RI

While writing his dissertation some forty years ago, Merle needed a way to unwind from the stress of hours on end of intellectual concentration. He joined an introductory woodworking course, and so began a lifelong passion, to design and make objects out of wood.  Working with native hardwoods provides Merle an avenue for creativity and self-expression, a connection to an ancient craft tradition, and the pleasure of sharing something personal and handmade.