Earrings 'Facet Drop + CZ'


These elegant earrings are handcrafted with cubic zirconia and resin. The cubic zirconia stones are 3mm in diameter and set in gold-filled bezels. The resin drops are cast with gold and black filaments, which is a unique technique created by the artist. The faceted resin is hand-polished.


Product Details
  • Cubic zirconia, gold-filled metal, resin, and string

  • Size: .85" x .55"

  • Artist information card


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
School for American Crafts MFA 2014

Zhenwei is a contemporary jewelry designer who founded Pithagorean, a studio inspired by Pi and the Pythagorean theorem. Her designs convey the relationship between individuals and communities. Circles (Pi) and triangles (Pythagorean) express the beauty of balance and unity with lines representing universal connections. Zhenwei embraces the endurance and diligence originating from traditional Chinese culture and melds her experience of studying in different cultures to think independently and create inspirationally.