Jack Headphone Stand - Orange


This headphone stand provides the ideal resting place for just about any set of headphones. Its amply curved base embraces and conceals the messiest of cords. It has soft, adjustable rubber pegs to support a smartphone or music player and a pass-through in the rear to guide headphone jacks out and charging cables in. Your headphones deserve to be treated better, let Jack do the heavy lifting. An ideal solution for a desk, nightstand, stereo cabinet or anywhere you like to enjoy music. 



Product Details
  • Fits phones/cases up to 16mm thick.


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Industrial Design BFA 1994

Brett Teper formed Modko, a Brooklyn based company, in 2007 out of a passion to solve everyday problems, to improve the things that are used daily, and to create innovative products for the modern lifestyle. A focus on design and an obsession over detail drives Brett to make simple, smart, everyday products that look great and work even better.