Letterpress Print 'A River Runs Through It'

Type High Letterpress makes cool stuff with old stuff! This three color letterpress poster was designed and handset with antique metal and wood type and printed on an antique press as an alternate color choice for the cover of Rochester's 585 Magazine. The map is of Rochester, NY in 1872. The city images is from a found letterpress cut. Wood type and ornaments hand set and printed on a Vandercook proof press.

Product Details
  • Print - 11 x 17"

  • Mohawk Superfine 110# cover

  • Artist information


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Adjunct Professor

Tony Zanni is the owner/creator/printer at Type High Letterpress in Rochester, NY, a full-service design and print shop devoted to keeping the art of hand setting type alive and vibrant. Tony specializes in custom letterpress ephemera that includes posters, coasters, invitations, and business cards. Tony teaches workshops to share with others his enthusiasm and expertise in letterpress printing. He’s also a beloved adjunct professor at RIT and teaches “the black art of letterpress to a bunch of young adults who love ink and type”. Check out his work and you’ll learn that he has a sharp wit and great sense of humor!