Mixing + Serving Bowl Set of 7

This 7 piece set is fabulous for everyday use, and the colors will make your kitchen pop! It includes sizes to suit any of your needs. Use larger bowls for mixing or serving family style meals. The smaller bowls are great for salads or your favorite snacks.

Product Details

  • Sustainable: Made of biodegradable and durable bamboo fiber - the excess raw materials of fast-growing, eco-friendly bamboo that can be harvested frequently without damaging the soil or landscape.

  • Durable: Strong, moisture resistant, heat tolerant, and dishwasher safe - made to sustain everyday use and tough enough to be enjoyed for years.

  • Biodegradable: When you are ready to move on, the material breaks down cleanly, returning to the earth, leaving very little environmental impact.

  • Repurposed: Plastics machines are retooled to mold this new responsible material into beautiful and durable objects.

  • Packaged: Individually packaged in beautiful craft paper boxes of recycled paper.

  • Do not microwave

  • Dimensions: 11" x 11.5" x 6.5"

  • Artist/Designer information card included



About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Industrial Design, MFA 2017

A creative problem solver, Kramer believes in the integration of form and function with inspired individuality. He approaches the consumer product market with an open mind, a deep consideration of human factors, observation, and competitive understanding.

Kramer founded the Makoto Design House, an industrial design firm focusing on designing modern and conscientious products to inspire and redefine the way people live.