Original Print 'Insomnia'


The artist captures the disjointed quality of dreams - some pleasant, some disturbing. In this image, insomnia is symbolized by wide open eyes and tangled birch leaves. Created as a diptych, the left and right panels’ eyes are disjointed and are layered atop each other, resulting in less-than-restful REM.

Product Details
  • Limited edition risograph print

  • 14"x11"

  • Signed by artist

  • Artist information card


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Illustration BFA 2019

Observe, collect and learn. Angela is a graphic recorder and illustrator working on marketing teams and sitting with business owners and non-profits. With a focus in mental health, Angela paints imagery that embodies nostalgia and captures childhood wonder. Heavily inspired by nature, graffiti, and comics, her work focuses on small moments of storytelling in our everyday surroundings. When she has a chance (with only a backpack of belongings) she travels with a sketchbook in hand, trying to find the forgotten corners that she can scribble down and paint later.