Painting 'Broad and Exchange, Rochester, NY'


It’s alluring to get lost in this urban landscape. Brush stroke by brush stroke, the artist depicts the density and ordered chaos of our modern existence. With a close attention to the details, the barrage of signage or a symphony of windows, the artist doesn't fuss over them and explores the subtle relationship of form and color.

Product Details
  • Original painting

  • Oil on panel

  • 10" x 12"

  • Artist information card


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Fine Art Studio, BFA 1985

David paints cityscapes, landscapes and man-made objects in oil on canvas and on board. The primary subjects of his paintings are twenty-first century man’s working monuments, which represent our culture’s dedication to production and consumption. The paintings are meant to be ambiguous; they can be seen as an indictment of human waste and contemporary alienation, or simultaneously, can be seen as silent tributes to the fundamental tools of our society that we too often ignore. David’s paintings are a culmination rather than a moment – a “long look” at our technology and legacy. David’s work is in numerous private and corporate collections.