Ritchie Finds His Stripes


Oh no! RITchie, the RIT Tiger, has lost his stripes and he needs your help! Can you help RITchie prowl the RIT campus to find his missing stripes before the big game! A fun story for children of all ages about the Rochester Institute of Technology mascot, RITchie the Tiger!



Product Details
  • Paper back

  • 9" x 9"

  • 20 pages


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Marketing & Digital Business, MIS

Rick Mislan was a 3rd year College of Liberal Arts student in 1989 when he took up the challenge of a CAB contest to “Name the New RIT Mascot". Rick quickly jotted down his entry, “RITchie,” and entered the contest. Rick's entry won and the rest is RIT history. In 2012, Rick was touring the RIT campus with his two daughters, when they came upon the Bengal statue outside of the Kodak quad. Rick told his girls his story about naming RITchie. The girls suggested that RITchie needed a book to tell his story. That moment that Rick and his two daughters began the process of writing the book about RITchie.