Screenprint 'Veiled Absolutes'


Distortion plays a key role in the reading and understanding of Sarah's prints. Distortion distills and clarifies the bridge between lived experiences and visual output through obfuscation, repetition, and design. Imagery is built up using screen-printed layers to create a physical and emotive piece. 

Product Details
  • Limited edition screen print

  • Matted and framed under glass

  • Dimensions

  • Artist bio card


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology

Sarah is a collage artist whose practice is rooted in printmaking and painting. She works intuitively and through a self-responsive methodology. Her prints and paintings consistently evolve in process, imagery, and concept. Sarah has an active national and international exhibition record. Her latest works can be seen at the Aird Gallery in Toronto Canada and the traveling print show "Process and Purpose" at Conner's Gallery in Ithaca, NY, and at the RIT City Art Space in Rochester, NY.