Signed Poster 'The Bridge at the Hoover Dam'


In March of 2009, amidst the rumblings of a global financial crisis that was to shape zeitgeist for years to come, Jamey Stillings set out on a road trip to reinvigorate his creative spirit. What he encountered would captivate, challenge and amaze him. Like a child suddenly finding himself before the world's largest erector set, Jamey had discovered the Bridge at Hoover Dam. Instantly, he knew he would dedicate himself to exploring and documenting construction of the bridge through its completion. Over the course of two years and set against the cultural and economic backdrop of our time, Jamey created a body of work that echoes the Bridge in its ability to simultaneously celebrate the power of human spirit and ingenuity while inviting an examination of the intersection of nature and the hand of man.

Product Details
  • Signed by Photographer


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Photography, MFA 1980

Stillings’ work as a photographer spans fine art, documentary and advertising. A passionate interest in people, world cultures, social and environmental issues are guiding forces in his photography and life. He approaches personal and commissioned work with similar sensitivities: to celebrate the human spirit, seek magic moments of light and expression, and create a sense of balance and clarity within each image. He strives to make photos with subtle associations that respect viewers’ sensitivities and their ability to comprehend the abstract.