Spool Table


Buck's table approaches sculpture - it references a form that challenges the definition of furniture. This piece is stack laminated poplar, lathe turned, and hand worked. The surface is brush painted with milk paint and graphite, and metallic gold paint. The Honduran Mahogany top is finished with lacquer.



Product Details
  • Stack laminated poplar

  • Mahogany 

  • Milk paint, metallic gold paint

  • 30"h x 15"dia

  • Artist information

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About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Furniture Design, Professor

Both master craftsman and master at challenging the dividing lines of furniture, design and art, Andy Buck is an influential figure in the American Studio Furniture Movement. Inspired by a love for American folk art and the indigenous art forms of Africa and Australia, Buck relies on an intuitive design process that breaks from traditional furniture archetypes, leading to new discoveries in the form and composition of his work. “Thinking with his hands,” Buck creates objects that combine fluid sculptural form with colorful, playful finishing techniques.