Textured Bowl


As if it has its own power source, this luminous vase inspires a gasp of appreciation when viewed. It is proof that art is transformational. A subtle blending of hues from ocean green to rich lavender to sunlight gold,  the play of light, color and texture creates an ever-changing look. Simply, a knock out.

Product Details
  • Hand blown and textured glass

  • 7.5" dia x 6"h

  • One-of-a-kind 

  • Artist information included


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
School for American Crafts, Glass, MFA 1976

Leon developed his glass blowing techniques over thirty years. His unique process captivates the fluid energy of hot glass, using fire, air centrifugal force, gravity, and tools to push and pull the glass. Each piece explores the visual dimensions of massive glass and reflective interiors, using transparent colors so that light passes through and brings out the pure beauty and essence of glass.