Urso Shield Pendant 'Mulberry'

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Urso, a sculptor and painter, designed this piece based on his signature elemental forms for a jewelry line for Simon Miller. Now exclusively availble at Shop One. Look for matching earrings here for a spectacular gift.


Product Details
  • Powder coated - mulberry

  • 4.75" x 1.75"

  • Hand stitched silk cord

  • Artist information


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Professor, Metals and Jewelry Design

Len began his professional career as a designer and silversmith for Oneida Ltd. Silversmiths. He holds an endowed chair as the Ann Mowris Mulligan Distinguished Professor at RIT’s School for American Crafts. Len maintains a studio in Rochester, NY and is actively creating sculpture and paintings. His art is exhibited nationally and internationally and is in museum, corporate and private collections.

'My art forms reflect the events, stories, myths, and people that play a role in shaping human beings. As an artist I have come to accept my role, which is to capture and then render art from life’s experiences. The human landscape is forever changing, presenting endless challenges and questions pertaining to the origins and truths behind any given event.' - Leonard Urso