Wake Coffee - Ethiopia Harar

Adventurous in its beginning—grown on mountainside farms known as “fincas”—it continues to show and be reflected in its flavor. The first impression is made with the undeniably berry and tart aromas from the grinds themselves. Once brewed, a cup of this natural processed Harar resembles a blend of red currants, blueberries, and lavender with a silky finish. Quite a wonderful way to start a day!

Product Details
  • Whole bean

  • 12 oz. bag


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology

Greg and Alec founded Wake Coffee in 2017 with a mission to utilize the latest and greatest technology to roast and deliver the finest coffee. The beans are sustainably sourced from farmers supported by co-ops and are then roasted in Ambler, PA. The boutique performs the roasting hands on and in house in order to ensure maximum freshness.