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The figurative form is created on an Apple computer with Photoshop software. Richard's creative process begins with scanned drawings, digital photography and special effects such as found objects, which are saved in the computer file folders.

He uses many of the tools in Photoshop to create the completed image: digital brushes, photo filters and separate layering effects. Richard creates original special effects with art apps on an Apple Pro Ipad, which are then added to the Photoshop image. 

The final computer image is printed on special digital paper with archival inks.

Product Details
  • Archival inkjet edition print

  • 32" x 40"

  • Framed under glass


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
Graphic Design, BFA 1972

Richard is a figurative artist who explores the psychological and emotive potential of the human face in a contemporary expressionistic style. Propelled by a fascination with process and experimentation, he works intuitively across a broad range of two and three-dimensional mixed media. His work often reflects the influence of his interest in ancient and aboriginal artifacts.

Though the human figure is a constant theme, experimentation in process is a driving force in his work and he thrives on trying a variety of approaches, including the use of encaustic wax, metal sculpture, and imported digital images such as graffiti.