Code of Ethical Conduct and Compliance


In the spirit of our vision, RIT is committed to governing our community in a way that is both ethical and honest, and serves as a role model to our students by demonstrating honest stewardship of university assets and resources. RIT is an open community that thrives in its approach in managing itself through governance. Every member has a responsible voice in the governance of this university and therefore has a personal and professional obligation to behave in a way that is consistent with our commitment to fair and equitable treatment of others and to make good faith efforts in the protection of university assets and resources.

RIT recognizes that our community is governed by a natural disposition to good conduct and fair treatment. We do not take lightly our stewardship responsibilities. With that as our framework, RIT faculty, staff and students have open access to the administration to address all issues relative to business practices, compliance with the law, ethical behavior, and proper accounting of RIT funds and resources. Membership in this community includes the responsibility to raise legal and ethical concerns without fear of retribution. Inquiries may be directed to your direct supervisor, Institute Audit, Compliance & Advisement, Human Resources, senior administration, and other university administrators. You may also access the RIT Ethics & Compliance Hotline or call (866) 294-9358 or (866) 294-9572 TTY.

Dr. Munson's Commitment

RIT Code of Ethical Conduct and Compliance