Export Control

Rochester Institute of Technology is committed to full compliance with the laws and regulations of the United States, including those controlling the export of technologies, services and products. As a center of higher education, many of RIT's activities involve research on cutting-edge technologies. While most of the teaching and research activities at RIT are exempt from control as fundamental research, certain sponsored research may involve controlled technologies and trigger the application of U.S. export controls, thereby limiting the participation of foreign students and researchers in such projects.

RIT is conscious of the fact that it is of utmost importance to the university, its students and faculty to be able to provide education and research for the public good. The success of everyone from undergraduate students through senior faculty is measured by publication. On the other hand, the export regulators have placed the responsibility on the university to understand and comply with export controls. Although many of RIT's activities involve U.S. Government agencies, sponsorship of RIT's activities by such agencies does not supersede or remove RIT's responsibility to comply with U.S. export laws. Unauthorized exports can have a serious impact on U.S. national security and can result in the imposition of administrative, civil and criminal penalties against RIT and its employees.

For these reasons, it is the responsibility of every RIT employee to ensure that RIT's activities are in compliance with the laws of the United States. This requires that each employee fully understand and follow these laws. To assist in this understanding and compliance, RIT has developed an Export Compliance Program. Compliance requires each employee to continually scrutinize his or her activities to ensure that all teaching and research are conducted pursuant to the appropriate regulatory requirements. Any questions concerning this Export Compliance Program should be directed to the Chief Risk & Compliance Officer.