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Minors in Computing and Information Sciences

Gaming student lab

Minors are an excellent means for students to expand their college experience as well as enhance their learning portfolio and resume.  Minors may compliment a student's major or can be used to pursue a personal interest totally unrelated to one's field of study.  Minors require the completion of five upper level courses.  For more information, contact the Minor Advisor. 

Minors in Computing and Information Sciences:

Computer Science Hank Etlinger 585-475-2097
Computing Security

Bo Yuan


Database Design, Development, and Implementation

Edward Holden 585-475-5361
Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture Kathleen Schreier Rudgers 585-475-6756
Game Design and Development Kathleen Schreier Rudgers 585-475-6756
Game Design (*) Kathleen Schreier Rudgers 585-475-6756
Geographic Information Systems Brian Tomaszewski 585-259-9678
Mobile Development Bryan French 585-475-5231
Mobile Design and Development(*) Bryan French 585-475-5231
Networking and Systems Administration Larry Hill, , 585-475-7064
Software Engineering James Vallino 585-475-7643
Web Design and Development (*) Ronald Vullo 585-475-7281
Web Development Dan Bogaard 585-475-5231


(*) Designed specifically for non-computing majors