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Computing Security minor


Bo Yuan, Minor Adviser

(585) 475-7941,


With the increasing dependence and use of mobile and cloud computing,  the issues of securing “big data” caused by the world-wide explosion of eBusiness and eCommerce have become critical issues to all sizes and types of organizations.  The minor consists of two required courses and three electives chosen by the student from the Computing Security advanced course clusters. There are many elective course choices which provides flexibility.



·         Two-course introductory programming sequence

·         Two-course Calculus sequence

·         A course in Discrete Mathematics


Required courses:

·         CSEC 101 Fundamentals of Computing Security

·         CSEC 362 Cryptography and Authentication or

                    CSCI 462 Introduction to Cryptography

·         Three Advanced Computing Security courses from list below


CSEC 461 Computer System Security

CSEC 462 Network Security and Forensics

CSEC 463 Sensor Network Security

CSEC 465 Network and System Security Audits

CSEC 466 Introduction to Malware

CSEC 467 Mobile Device Security & Forensics

CSEC 468 Risk Management for Information Security

CSEC 470 Covert Communications

CSEC 471 Penetration Testing

CSEC 473 Cyber Defense Techniques

CSEC 474 Unix Based System Forensics

CSEC 475 Windows System Forensics

CSEC 476  Malware Reverse Engineering

CSEC 477 Disaster Recovery Planning

CSEC 478 Advanced Mobile Device Forensics

CSEC 479 Advanced Mobile Device Security

CSCI 455 Principles of Computer Security

CSCI 464 Xtreme Theory

CSCI 531 Introduction to Security Measurement

CSCI 532 Introduction to Intelligent Security Systems

SWEN 331 Engineering Secure Software

SWEN 467 Hardware/Software Co-Design for Cryptographic Applications