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BS/MS in Computing Security

The BS/MS in the Computing Security program is for undergraduate students who wish to earn both a BS and MS in Computing Security. A student accepted into this program will be able to take up to three graduate courses (9 semester credit hours) in Computing Security and apply them to both the BS and MS degree requirements. These courses would take the place of three of the advanced security courses in the undergraduate degree and will be considered electives in the graduate degree. This three course overlap will give students the opportunity to complete both degrees in five years given careful planning and execution.  

Admissions Requirements:

  1. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of a 3.25.
  2. Student must be at least third year standing.
  3. Students must complete 20 semester credits of computing coursework before applying.
  4. For students whose BS curriculum requires co-op, a minimum of 1 co-op must be completed before applying.
  5. Students must complete a brief statement outlining why they are interested in the BS/MS program and what area of focus they think they are interested in pursuing.
  6. Students must provide one letter of recommendation from a GCCIS Professor explaining your potential for the BS/MS program.


*It is important to note that we cannot guarantee acceptance into the BS/MS program even if entrance criteria are met, as it will depend on the demand and on the space available in our program from term to term.

**All students who turn in an official Change of Program Application Form will be evaluated at the end of the term once grades for the current term post.

 It should be noted that a student will not receive their Bachelor’s degree until the requirements for both the BS and the MS degrees have been completed.