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Other Minors and Immersions

Here at RIT, students have a variety of minor and immersion options.  There are almost 120 different minors and about 40 immersions that are offered across campus. Please click here to see a list of the minors and immersions offered here at RIT.

With the new Computing Security curriculum, the addition of some minors may potentially add time to a student’s academic career or cause a student to potentially need to overload their schedule.  It is best to speak with their academic advisor about how the addition of a minor will affect their study plans. Students interested in taking a Liberal Arts minor are able to fit this into their program of study without additional time. With the use of the three required Immersion courses a student will only need to take two more courses to complete a Liberal Arts minor.  These courses can be used in either open Gen Eds or Free Elective requirements.