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How do I apply for the BS/MS?

Schedule an appointment with Christina Rohr, the BS/MS advisor. She will be able to go over the mapping of your requirements. In this meeting you will also fill out a Change of Program application and review other requirements for changing into the BS/MS. The graduate coordinator makes acceptance decisions on the BS/MS candidates after grades are posted at the end of the semester.

What are the requirements for BS/MS?

Admissions Requirements:

  1. Current Computing Security student
  2. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of a 3.25.
  3. Student must be at least third year standing.
  4. Students must complete 20 semester credits of computing coursework before applying.
  5. For students whose BS curriculum requires co-op, a minimum of 1 co-op must be completed before applying.
  6. Students must complete a brief statement outlining why they are interested in the BS/MS program and what area of focus they think they are interested in pursuing.
  7. Students must provide one letter of recommendation from a GCCIS Professor explaining your potential for the BS/MS program.


Where is the 9 Credit overlap between the BS and the MS?

Students will choose 3 MS Security Electives that will count towards 3 of the Advance Electives required in the BS and the MS.

How many more credits does the BS/MS program take?

This depends on if you have met all of the bridge courses or not. Assuming you have, the MS degree will be an additional 21 credits because you will be able to double count 3 courses (9 credits). The MS degree is 30 credits total.

Will I be certified in my Bachelors when I complete my requirements for the BS degree?

No. When you are in the BS/MS program, you will not be certified for your BS degree until you have also completed your MS degree. You are certified for both degrees at the same time.

Can I choose to do the Project, Capstone Course or Thesis for my capstone?

Yes. If you choose to do either the Capstone Course or the Project you will be required to take an additional Advance Elective course. The Capstone Course and Project are only 3 credits each, where the Thesis is 6 credits.

What are the financial benefits?

You are eligible for BS/MS tuition discount on the graduate tuition rates. This discount that you receive should bring your graduate tuition charges close to that which you paid for undergraduate. Work with your financial aid counselor for more information.

When should I apply to graduate?

After your first full-time semester in the graduate program, you should schedule a graduation audit appointment with your advisor.

Is my GPA separated by BS and MS?

Your courses are split into sections on your transcript by undergraduate and graduate and each has its own GPA statistics.

Is there grade replacement?

There is no grade replacement in the graduate program. All courses taken and all grades earned remain on your transcript and count in your GPA.

Do I have to complete my MS in a certain amount of time?

There is a 7 year rule in place for all graduate programs. You must complete your graduate work within 7 years of the semester in which you took your first graduate course that counts toward the MS Degree.

Will I be ready for the Master’s program without taking bridge courses?

For students that are in the CSEC BS program, your bridge course (pre-reqs) requirements are built into the BS requirements.

For students from other programs, you will need to complete CSEC 600, all other bridge are completed by your BS program requirements.