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Minor in Computing Security

With the prevalence  of mobile computing,  the advantages of cloud computing, the ubiquity of  computing in general, and the issues of securing “big data” caused by the world-wide explosion of eBusiness and eCommerce today, secure computing environments and appropriate information management have become critical issues to all sizes and types of organizations.  Consequently, there is a vital and growing need for all computing professionals to have fundamental knowledge critical to information security and how they apply to their specific domains. The minor consists of two required courses and three electives chosen by the student from the Computing Security advanced elective course list. The minor will provide any students with computing background outside of the Computing Security degree program the opportunity to select a set of security electives that are complementary to their majors. Before beginning the minor in Computing Security students must possess prerequisite knowledge specified. At least nine semester credit hours of the minor must consist of courses not required by the student's home program. It should be noted that enrollment in any given course in any given term is subject to seat availability.  

If you are interested in this minor, please email Megan Fritts for more details.