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"Instead of defending your network, searching for flags, or claiming ownership of systems, CPTC focuses on mimicing the activities performed during a real-world penetration testing engagement conducted by companies, professional services firms, and internal security departments around the world... CPTC begins with a set of regional competitions that will occur in the Fall of each year. During these regional competitions, teams will compete using identical environments with other teams from around the nation. The test environment will be coordinated nationally to ensure that all teams across all regions will have the same environment. The top team from each region will advance to the national competition. Furthermore, the highest ranked teams at-large from across all regional competitors will also advance, creating a national competition of ten teams total."

The regional competitions will be held October 7th - 8th 2017. The competition begins with three regional competitions, hosted by Penn State for the Eastern US, Missouri University of Sci and Tech for the Central US, and Uber for the Western US.

The national event will be November 3rd - 5th, 2017 in Rochester, NY at RIT!

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