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Matthew Wright on Guarding Against Identity Theft

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 3:20pm -- knlics

From WalletHub's article 2016’s States Most Vulnerable to Identity Theft & Fraud by Richie Bernardo: 

"The holiday season is traditionally a time for celebration and togetherness. But it’s also an opportunity for identity thieves and hackers to prey on millions of innocent consumers. After all, the most high-profile data breaches, such as cases involving Target in 2013 and Home Depot the following year, tend to occur during periods of elevated shopping activity — the reason December was declared National Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month.

As a cyber-oriented culture, it’s natural to wonder whether and how our daily habits assist hackers in stealing our personal information. We consulted a panel of experts for answers to such questions and advice on how to safeguard our data against cybercriminals."

Matthew Wright shares his insight on the subject by saying, "The first things to do are actually low-tech: shred credit card and banking offers that you don't want and make sure your physical mailbox is reasonably secure so that would-be thieves don't apply for accounts in your name using old-fashioned paper...." 

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