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Payap's paper was a finalist for the outstanding paper award at CCS 2018

CSec PhD student Payap Sirinam’s paper “Deep Fingerprinting: Undermining Website Fingerprinting Defenses with Deep Learning” was one of nine finalists for the outstanding paper award at CCS 2018, putting in the top 1% of all 809 papers submitted to the conference. The acceptance rate of ACM CCS this year was 16.6%. 

This paper explores how advanced deep learning architectures and techniques can be leveraged to perform more dangerous attacks on the Tor anonymity system and even undermine some of the state-of-the-art defenses. The paper was written together with external collaborators Mohsen Imani (UT Arlington) and Marc Juarez (KU Leuven), along with the Director of the Center for Cybersecurity and CSec faculty member, Matthew Wright.